In the Community

Community based programming is a philosophy that supports the idea that some children's educational needs are best supported in their own community.   The opportunity to go to their community preschool provides connections with neighbourhood friends and families. In addition, locations within that community (library, stores, recreation areas, etc.) all become opportunities for learning and engagement with others. 


The child is able to work on their areas of need with skilled support in a variety of community environments. This supports the generalization of skills across people and places and leads to functional and effective learning for the child. The goal of community-based programming is to facilitate integration and to provide the opportunity for a child to live, learn and grow within various natural settings.

Goal areas may include:

  • Speech and communication 

  • Social skills development

  • Pre-academic learning skills

  • Self-help/ fine motor and feeding skills

  • Gross motor/physical skills

  • Sensory integration skills

  • Vision support/ orientation and mobility

Exposure to New Environments

Inclusion at Preschool

Functional Learning