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Why Choose G.R.I.T.?



Getting Ready for Inclusion Today is a long-standing

program of excellence, meeting the diverse needs of preschool children with developmental disabilities in and around the Calgary area.


This Alberta Education funded program provides specialized and individualized home, community and school based education. 


A team of experienced professionals work in collaboration with parents to provide an effective and dynamic education experience for your child.



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"We knew G.R.I.T. was different from our very first contact with them.  Carol and Paula came into our home, sat on the floor by us and there was an instant connection.  I could tell Clare liked them, which was very unusual.  That set the tone for all our interactions with GRIT.  We were treated like family. The teachers, therapists and developmental specialists all went above and beyond to meet Clare’s needs.  They really got to know Clare - her likes, dislikes and talents and then planned a program that allowed her to reach her potential.  At the end of our three years, she was doing things that I never thought she would do!  


Our daughter was a part of two pilot projects... One of the biggest things holding Clare back was behaviour problems.  She would throw huge tantrums.  The staff at GRIT saw how bright she was but her behaviour was getting in the way of what she was doing.  So they researched a new therapy called iLS (Integrated Listening Systems).  They found a feasible way to trial it for Clare and we saw phenomenal results. Clare was able to bring her behaviour under control.  Once that was done she really soared.  

The second pilot project Clare was involved in was working with a speech language pathologist that specialized in assistive communication technology. Clare, who was very limited in her communication when she started at G.R.I.T., is now able to use an iPad to communicate very complex ideas.  We know what her favourite colour is.  She has told me she loves me.  She is reading and doing math problems. I never knew this would be possible.  We are so grateful to G.R.I.T.  The people she worked with there saw how amazing she was and because of that she is doing truly remarkable things.  G.R.I.T. changed our daughter's life."


- Jadi Jackson


"I love G.R.I.T. for several reasons. Number one, they "get it". Our children are so very special and they sometimes know this better than we do. The staff are long time employees which speaks for itself. They are continuously furthering their education to better help us and our children cope with all obstacles on each individual journey. We are beyond happy and proud of how much Breanna has grown and advanced since her involvement with GRIT. We can now have a meaningful conversation with her and she has become much more confident.


I often wonder where we would be today had they not come into our lives. They are some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever known. I will be sad to leave when Breanna graduates their program but will be forever grateful for all they have done for us."


- Lana Torwalt

"When we were looking into programs for our daughter Claire four years ago, we felt discouraged to say the least. Because of Claire's complex needs (seizures, g-tube, severe CP), the options were extremely limited...until we were referred to G.R.I.T.  G.R.I.T. welcomed Claire and our family whole heartedly and during that three year period, she truly flourished in all areas.  By the end of her 3rd year with G.R.I.T., Claire was using a head/hand switch for communication, had made improvements in gross motor activities, had made significant improvements in using her vision, and all over was a much calmer, happier child.  


Claire started at Emily Follensbee School this past fall and the transition has been amazingly easy.  We truly believe that this is because of the incredible foundation that G.R.I.T. provided.  We will forever be grateful for the compassion and support that G.R.I.T. gave to Claire and our entire family." 


- Stefanie Kaiser

Child's Journey

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