Our Directors



Carol Penchuk, former Executive Director, has recently retired from G.R.I.T. Calgary Society. She started this organization in the basement of her home in 1995 and since, it has grown to serve thousands of families over the years.

Paula Carby- Director of Daily Operation

Executive Director


Paula Carby is the primary liaison with Alberta Education and our board of directors. She oversees daily operations of the organization and is responsible for staffing, intakes, community networking, staff in-services and also manages the financial aspects of the organization.

Annette Eckel.JPG

Program Administrator


Annette Eckel coordinates fundraising efforts and manages administration, assisting new families and supporting current ones.

Our Team

Director of Education


Kim Suvanto is responsible for overseeing the educational programs of the children in collaboration with the education and therapy team.

Each child is an individual with unique needs.  Their program is based on their strengths and needs.  Your child's program may include one or more of the following therapists:

Certificated Teachers

These teachers are responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the Individual Program Plan. They provide consultation to the child, family and Developmental Specialist in the areas of cognition, socialization and behavior. The Special Education Consultants facilitate contact with external organizations or individuals involved with the child as needed.

Speech Language Pathologist

Will provide direct therapy for the child as well as the consultation to the family and developmental specialists in 

Occupational Therapist

Will provide direct therapy for the child as well as consultation to the family and the Developmental Specialist in the areas of self help skills, fine motor development and feeding. They will provide strategies, equipment and modifications of environment to support the child in the home and classroom settings.

Physical Therapist

Will provide direct therapy for the child as well as consultation to the family and the developmental specialist in the areas of gross motor development. They will provide equipment, strategies and modification to maximize the child’s mobility, strength and balance.

Developmental Specialists

The D.S. will provide support for the child in the home, at preschool and in the community. They will work collaboratively with the child's family and the G.R.I.T. Education and Therapy Teams to implement the Individual Program Plan. 

Vision Facilitator/Braillist

Works collaboratively with the Certificated Teacher, therapists and DS's  to implement program goals and objectives. Helps provide modifications to environment, equipment and learning materials to support needs unique to vision loss. Experienced in cortical vision impairment and able to provide instruction in early braille literacy to the child, parent and developmental specialist.