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At G.R.I.T.'s Learning Center

Below are the specialized groups that we are offering this year at GRIT.  Once enrolled, a Certificated Teacher will explore these options with you and determine which ones would be suitable for your child.  Each group targets a child's individual needs and are designed to encourage independence depending on their level.

Gross Motor Group

Instructed by the physiotherapists, it provides an opportunity for children to participate with peers in activities that promote muscle strengthening, improve balance and coordination, introduce turn taking and gross motor games in a fun environment.

STEP (Social Therapy Education Program)

STEP offers children who are not attending preschool a chance to be exposed to a classroom environment.  The focus of this group is to promote social communication as well as develop independence with classroom routines and daily tasks.  Themed crafts, circle time and sensory exploration allow the students to engage with each other in a structured environment to develop positive relationships.

IET (Integrated Education & Therapy) Group

This group provides engaging activities focused on the senses (visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory) for children who would benefit from a heightened focus or a gradual exposure to sensory input. The group seeks to provide a variety of experiences and methods on how to adapt craft, exploration of items, practical life skills and fun to both the child and to the DS. A key component of this  group is the TAC PAC program.  This program was developed in the UK. It combines sensory input with music to prompt communication, social interaction, sensory, neurological and emotional development. 

Sensory Room


A room designed to support children in their learning and development through their exploration of a unique environment that provides opportunities for stimulation of sensory system, modulation of emotions and motivations to engage in learning and therapy activities.

Junior Kindergarten Program

Our Junior Kindergarten program is an opportunity for children to expand their love of learning and curiosity about the world, while creating meaningful relationships with others. This program is overseen by a Certificated Teacher and supported by Child Development Specialists.  It offers a small class size which allows for opportunities to optimize each child’s learning and development. A Speech Language Pathologist and an Occupational Therapist visit the class regularly to support children in reaching their individualized goals. The program offers children the chance to learn, laugh and grow, in a nurturing and supportive environment, while preparing them for independence in their educational journey.

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