At G.R.I.T's Learning Center

The following groups are run out of G.R.I.T.'s learning center, a fully-equipped and accessible space full of opportunities to learn, grow and belong! Your child will have access to the groups from which they'll most benefit.

Gross Motor Group

Instructed by the physiotherapists, it provides an opportunity for children to participate with peers in activities that promote muscle strengthening, improve balance and coordination, introduce turn taking and gross motor games in a fun environment.

Integrated Listening System

ILS is a multi-sensory sound therapy of brain integration through music, movement and language. What makes ILS stand out from other sound therapy programs is the bone conduction, which sends sound waves to the inner ear helping with one's vestibular system. Our children experience calming effects, allowing them to focus, strengthen hearing and work on balance and coordination. We have had a great response with our children that are involved and excited to see how much they grow.

IET (Integrated Education & Therapy) Group

This group provides engaging activities focused on the senses (visual, auditory, tactile and olfactory) for children who would benefit from a heightened focus or a gradual exposure to sensory input. The group seeks to provide a variety of experiences and methods on how to adapt craft, exploration of items, practical life skills and fun to both the child and to the DS. A key component of this  group is the TAC PAC program.  This program was developed in the UK. It combines sensory input with music to prompt communication, social interaction, sensory, neurological and emotional development. 

Sensory Room


A room designed to support children in their learning and development through their exploration of a unique environment that provides opportunities for stimulation of sensory system, modulation of emotions and motivations to engage in learning and therapy activities.

Emergent Communicator Group


A social learning group for early communication skill development including eye contact, facial expression, gestures, sign language and verbal speech. Goals include cognitive learning, modeling language, social/visual referencing, turn-taking and choice-making.

Go Baby Go

 With the support of G.R.I.T.'s therapy team, children have been introduced to the Go Baby Go program. Go Baby Go adapts battery operated ride toys with capability switches and supportive seating. Together, G.R.I.T. and Go Baby Go provide opportunities for children who cannot walk and talk on their own to move, communicate and play. This program takes place during the child's programming time.

Image by Jo Hilton
Sign Language


Fun and informal classes designed for families/friends, staff and professionals who want to use augmentative sign language to communicate with individuals who utilize this communication system. Participants will learn a base of preschool sign vocabulary and an understanding of how to support communication development with signs.

Please note these sessions are only offered in the fall.