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Informative Links


Government of Alberta - PUF Funding PUF stands for Program Unit Funding. GRIT accesses this funding each year through the Aberta Government. Visit the website here

Family Support for Children with Disabilities - The Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program provides a wide range of family-centred supports and services, including resources and funding. Visit their website or call Calgary's FSCD office: 403-297-6022 

Children's Link - An online collection of resources for your family and child. Visit their website here

VLRA - VLRA’s community-based services empower Canadians who are blind or partially sighted to live independently – to see beyond vision loss. Their website contains information, resources and news about vision loss in your community. 

Positive Behaviour Supports for Children - A series of websites provided by Mount Royal for use by families. These interactive websites provide evidence-based strategies for promoting adaptive behaviour, while managing challenging behaviours. 

Autism Calgary - A local agency that provides information on local resources, treatments and events. They offer parent support groups, seminars and recreational programs for children and adults on the spectrum. Visit their website here. 

Canadian Down Syndrome Society - Access information and learn about upcoming events and programs for children and adults with down syndrome.Visit their website here. 

Alberta Education - Access information on programming and supports available in the Alberta education system. Visit the website here. 

Alberta Health Services - Access information about medical conditions and available services in Alberta here. 

Alberta Government Access information about local resources and supports for families, parents and children. Visit their website here
Calgary Children's Hospital Learn about what the Children's Hospital has to offer families and children before, during and after visits. Visit their website here. 

Canada Revenue Agency - Learn about the tax benefits and allowances you may be eligible for to help cover the costs of caring for your child with special needs. Visit the website here. 


Recreational Programs in Calgary

Children's Cottage Society Calgary - Provides various family and parental supports including respite, crisis care, affordable housing and education. Visit there website here.
Alberta Association for Community LivingAlberta Association for Community Living (AACL) is a family based, non-profit federation that advocates on behalf of children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. You can use their database to access contact information for available respite workers in the area. Visit them here.
Between Friends A non-profit offering social and recreational opportunities for children, youth and adults with disabilities. They offer inclusive and adapted programming for children as young as 3 years old. For a full listing of their programs and summer camps, visit their website.
Dubasov Dance and Wellness Dubasov offers quality specialized and inclusive dance, movement and yoga programs. For more information visit their website.
JB MusicJB Music Therapy offers group and individual music therapy sessions for people of all ages and abilities. There is much evidence to indicate that music therapy can improve mobility, memory and language. Music Therapy is also used to decrease signs and feelings of depression, boost overall mood, reduce the perception of pain and restore overall health – not to mention that music taps into the brain's reward systems. Visit their website here
Vecova A barrier-free facility in the NW of Calgary that features a warm salt water pool, a full size gym and three multipurpose rooms. Visit their website here
Hands and Voices: Dedicated to supporting families with children who are Deaf of Hard of Hearing without bias about communication modes or methodology. Visit their website here

Parental Programming at GRIT

Augmentative Sign Language – Fun and informal classes designed for families/friends, staff and professionals who want to use augmentative sign language to communicate with individuals who utilize this communication system. Participants will learn a base of preschool sign vocabulary and an understanding of how to support communication development with signs.

These sessions typically take place in the Fall. Contact the G.R.I.T. office for further information. 

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