1. How do I begin the enrollment process?

  Make an initial phone call to the G.R.I.T. office (403-215-2444) to discuss your child’s needs and set up an intake meeting.


2. Does G.R.I.T. Calgary provide therapy services?

  Yes, we provide therapy services. G.R.I.T. strongly believes in the consultative model. Therapists and teachers are assigned to individual children based on areas of need. They will visit the child, family and Developmental Specialist to provide assessments, suggest goal areas, model strategies, provide materials, resources and will collaborate with other community agencies. In this way goals, objectives and strategies can be effectively implemented by all caregivers in a consistent manner thus maximizing learning opportunities for the child. For more information on our programming, check out "Our Programs"


3. Does the program cost any money?

  Our therapy and education costs are predominately covered by government funding, but parents are responsible for Community Playschool and some G.R.I.T. programs can be accessed through fee-for-service. Programming for your child can be further discussed during the intake process. 


4. Is there a waitlist? When should I apply for the program?

  G.R.I.T. provides services for over 50 children a year. Intakes begin in January for the following September. Once these 50 spaces have been filled a waitlist is started.


5. Is there a summer program?

  G.R.I.T does not provide a summer program at this time.


6. Do you do FSCD contracts?

  Our program is funded primarily through Program Unit Funding (P.U.F.), charitable donations and fundraising efforts. We collaborate with FSCD partners to broaden our programming and work together in a common approach. 


7. When does the program take place?

  G.R.I.T. provides a 39-week program based on the Public School Calendar. Your child will participate in either a morning or afternoon program. Program hours are determined by the needs of the individual child and the subsequent approval from Alberta Education. The first Tuesday of each month is a Professional Development Day for the Developmental Specialist. They are required to attend these meetings and there will be no program for the child on these days.


8. What is a Family Orientated Program (F.O.P)?

  Family Orientated Sessions are individually planned, developmentally appropriate intervention that is designed to actively involve the parent or alternative caregiver in the child’s education program across settings. The purpose of the family orientated session is to consult with the parent and provide coaching, information, resources, skills and strategies to facilitate the child’s development. 


9. What is an Individual Program Plan (IPP)?

  An individualized document that includes specific information on the child; i.e. medical information, background information and previous services, past, present, long term goals and short term objectives. The goals and objectives component of the IPP provides a functional, working document that guides the team's work with the child. This document is developed collaboratively with the parents and the therapy/education team.