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Our Beliefs and Vision


Our Vision

Every child deserves the right to achieve their full potential. We provide an early education program that is tailored to a child’s individual needs with opportunities to experience inclusion and full participation in their home, school and community setting.


Our Beliefs


With the core belief that communication is the foundation for lifelong learning, the multi-disciplinary team supports all developmental areas of need and endeavor to ensure that children become full participants at home, school and in their community. 

We believe that you, the parents, need to be provided with flexible program options that cater to your child's individual needs including time in home, in the community and access to specialized programs. 

We believe that your child will benefit from the Consultative Model, which involves consistent therapy and education provided by a Developmental Specialist. They work as part of a team with teachers and therapists who establish, model and monitor these strategies for the Developmental Specialist and your family. 


We believe that a positive and successful transition into the school system requires support and advocacy from a highly experienced education/therapy team working together with the families.

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